The Most Interesting Boyfriend in the World

The Most Interesting Boyfriend in the World

Man Spaces Week Featuring: Bloggers Boyfriend

Do you remember the wildly popular Dos Equis commercial campaign which featured "The Most Interesting Man in the World?"  I do.  The advertisements featured an older, suave gentleman who spoke with a telling accent,  while performing hilarious, fantastical feats in exotic settings.  

I vividly recall watching these commercials and thinking "huh?"  My husband on the other hand found them all-out entertaining.  "What's the deal with this commercial?", I'd ask my husband, hoping that he would give me a different response each time.  But his answer was always the same: "Every man wants to be 'The Most Interesting Man in the World', baby."  

The thought of my husband imagining himself in such a role both tickled and frightened me.  I just didn't get it.  That is... until I stumbled across an Instagram account called Bloggers Boyfriend.

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Whenever I'd visit his feed, questions flooded my mind like: Who is he? Where is he from? How is he able to afford this lifestyle? Who's that mysterious woman that sometimes appears in photos with him? Is he a kind person? And the list goes on and on. Perhaps this is what my husband was trying to explain to me.

Naturally I wanted to know more about this enigmatic "boyfriend". So I--rather nervously— reached out to him to ask permission to feature the photo below for this series. The worst that could happen is that he would say "no" right?

To my surprise, Kurt (notice that we're on a first name basis now LOL!) responded within the hour saying "yes, it will be my pleasure", and included a link to his media kit and his 3-month travel schedule. I was appreciative and relieved by his approachable nature.

More About the "Boyfriend"

Real Name:  Kurt Dacheng ji
Style:  A minimalist jet-setter aesthetic featured with a rugged luxury lifestyle
Where to Find Him: 

Before continuing on with our swoon fest over these gorgeous minimalist interiors and... ahem... Kurt himself,  here are some fun facts that I think contribute to the allure of his look:
He rarely shows his face completely.

  • He's a veritable haberdasher.  I mean, the man has real style.
  • He's often photographed barefoot and shirtless
  • He takes his own photos.  Yes, all of these photos are actually self portraits (selfies).  Bravo Kurt!  Trés bien fait!

And that my friends, is the 007 of Instagram— Blogger Boyfriend.  Please tell me in the comments below:  What do you like most about the Blogger Boyfriend aesthetics?

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