F E A T U R E D  P R O J E C T S

Below are a few projects that have - according to some regular readers of this blog - proven to be among my most memorable undertakings and posts.  I hope that you will find them enjoyable as well, and that you will stick around for more. 

Summer Interior & Entertainment Projects

A Summertime Soirée on the Patio (Party Crash Tour 2018)

Summer is, hands down, my favorite time of the year!  In places like the Midwest, where winter can stretch way beyond it’s 3-month limit, summer can also sometimes be the shortest season.   Check out this virtual party collaboration between an awesome group of interior bloggers and myself. 

Hallway Refresh

Recall that in this post I revealed that I am not a seasonal decorator.  This is still true.  In that same post, I explained that being a non-seasonal decorator doesn't mean that I don't share the excitement of the changing seasons.  Far from it. I just find other ways to express it.  And all this warm weather has me craving lighter more airy interiors. Follow along as I reveal this quick and easy hallway refresh.

A Charming Night at the Arts

Do you ever wonder what it might be like to relax on showroom furniture as if it were  your own?  Perhaps you'd like to "try it on" just as one would a garment.   

Well one luxury home furnishings purveyor,  RH (also known as Restoration Hardware) has managed to capture this very setting in a way that is undeniably charming - and drop dead gorgeous too! 

One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge Fall 2018

With two ORC’s under our belts, we went all out on this one! View this double room makeover inspired by my love of art, music and most of all family.

Week 1 (the plan) // Week 2  (the planter hack) // Week 3 (that wallpaper tho’!) // Week 4  (pink chair covers) // Week 5 (zebra shades) // Week 6 The Reveal

One Room Challenge Fall 2017

A MUCH smaller space than was my first ORC project.  Yet revamping this hallway proved to be more challenging than I ever imagined.  But I couldn't be more proud of what we've accomplished here.  This space is my spicy bowl of boom chakalaka. HA!  My #stopandstaredecor (hint, hint).  Every ounce of creativity I could muster has been poured into it.  I hope you enjoy what I've come up with.

DIY Projects

How to Make a Terrarium (Sponsored)

How to Make a Tribal Necklace

Whole House Organization Challenge 

Spring Into Action Blog Hop

Whole House Organization Challenge 2018

Welcome to my 2nd annual Whole House Organization Challenge!  Recall that I completed this self-imposed challenge last year as a way to get my home in order - for good - in 14 weeks or less.  

The method I use is by no means the only effective one.  Nor is it really anything new or fancy.  But let me tell you it works.

An Extra Pantry with a Hidden Surprise

Imagine that you had just a tiny bit more space to work with in your kitchen. Wouldn't you love to do something creative and fun with the extra real estate?   How does a fully stocked tea & coffee bar in your kitchen sound?

Sounds awesome doesn't it?   Well make yourself comfortable 'cause that is exactly what I'll be showing you today.

Spring Blog Hop 2018

For all of the meaningful things that take place in it, the bedroom, seems to be the most forgotten part of the home.  It is the last room on everyone's to-do list.  I'm happy to say that thanks to a collaboration with the #SpringIntoActionBlogHop the J'adore Le Decor home, has officially climbed out of that rut!