Want to get the modern global bohemian chic look at home? Now you can shop my home and projects for inspiration on creating eclectic, beautifully collected, soulfully decorated interiors, in one convenient spot! This page is designed to inspire you to decorate your home in a way that makes you want to touch everything inside of it! Isn’t that what we all want? If you answered “yes!”, then grab a cuppa sumthin’, sumthin’ and keep scrollin’ baby!

But don’t just stop at shopping my home for new items. Shop my eclectic ideas. Many items in my home are thrifted finds, family heirlooms, things purchased years ago, or are the result of my own customization. These methods ensure that you won’t see your home duplicated a thousand times over. It’s how you get that collected, ‘je ne sais quoi’ look. That’s soulful decorating at its best.

So as you peruse this page be mindful of tapping into your own unique GBC (global bohemian chic). Only then will the spaces you decorate be uniquely - and soulfully - yours.

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Modern Bohemian Glam Entryway & Small Gallery Wall

What’s a homeowner to do when he doesn’t have a proper entryway? The easy answer is create one. Then organize it so that its function is clear.  But how? Here are some of the items I’ve used to create a fully functional faux entryway filled with global bohemian chic flair.

Global Bohemian Chic Bedroom

I always encourage new homeowners to focus on the bedrooms first And with good reason. Kitchens and baths might sell homes, but the bedroom is uniquely personal. Check out a few of these items to create a restful master bedroom.

Tropical Boho-Chic Entryway Closet

Let me tell you, wallpapering a tiny 2’x3’ closet is not for punks. But who can resist the allure of this tropical peek-a-boo surprise? Each time I pass by it now, I sneak a peep inside.