A Complete Laundry Room Retreat

A Complete Laundry Room Retreat

Whole House Organization: Week 2 

Welcome to Week 2 of the WHO Challenge where we're attempting to organize our entire homes in 14 weeks or less.

One complaint that I often hear regarding decluttering challenges is that they move too quickly.  Most usually tackle one room per week.  This is quite reasonable.  If given more time, all of your efforts will quickly disintegrate  into procrastination, and you will abandon the project.

Notice though, that I start these challenges in the middle of the week.  Why?  Like me, most of you work Monday thru Friday, and use the weekends for extra projects.  Since planning accounts for more than 50% of most organization projects,  a midweek start allows you more time to lay the groundwork for your space, so your weekends will be more productive.  Wanna see how we did this weekend with our first room of this challenge? 

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Upon seeing it, I was immediately struck by how small the laundry room was in person!  But since we had a good inspiration photo  and accurate measurements to work from, I was still able to find storage pieces that fit perfectly, while working on the space remotely.  Here's a quick reminder of where we're heading with this project.

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Organizing the Small Stuff 

These fabric storage cubes from Amazon are the perfect storage solution for just about anything you could possibly think of.

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Although they’re only 11”x 11“ squares, these babies can hold a lot!  The cleaning supplies fit nicely inside.  Recall that I used these bins in my own closet makeover during last year‘s challenge.  As the photos below show, they give any room a clean, crisp look.

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Space Saving Systems: Wall mounted iron holder, collapsible clothing rack, and slim rolling cart for laundry supplies and tool boxes

I used simple paint chips, and dry erase duck tape (yes, such a thing exists, and you can purchase it here) to create handwritten tags for the fabric bins.   If these renters  ever wanted to change the bin's contents, they can simply use a damp cloth to erase and change the name on the tag.  C'est trés pratique, n'est ce pas?

To hide the ugly paint cans, I lined the top shelf with white paper and created a privacy screen using a piece of foam board.  Total cost of that DIY was just .88 cents. 

Personal chef and wellness coach, Miljan was just floored by the results.  "I didn't feel this was an important room [to organize].  My good energy flows from what I see right away when I walk in my front door.  But this really is amazing!"  

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Can you believe that everything that was in the room before still has a place here?  Amazing right?!  After installing the square bins, we realized that we actually had enough space to stack at least two more of them to hold more towels.  The homeowners plan to add more bins later.

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The best part is that we were able to organize this room for less than $60!    All of the items used above were featured in this post.

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A special THANK YOU to my buddies at Perez Hotel Furniture for contributing the commercial grade, wall-mounted holder for the clothes iron! 

Now on to the garage...

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There is just no way to make this look photo appealing.   

Do you see the white snow streaks on the floor in the photo above?   THAT's where the car is parked.  Notice the very slim margin for error when doing so.  If the driver doesn't enter the garage at just the right angle,  something will either get destroyed, or he won't be able to exit the car properly.  I’ll do my best to address that and host of other problem spots.  Wish me the best!

For now please help tell  me:

  • Do you have a garage this small?
  • How do you organize your garage?
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