Monday Musings: Pillows

Monday Musings: Pillows

Ahhh, textiles... je les aime absolument! I absolutely love them! 
If you want to quickly upstyle a room - textiles are it y'all!  They add richness and a certain level of complexity to an otherwise flat room.  One of the most affordable ways to add and element of texture to a room is through the use of pillows- this week's muse.    

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Change Your Decor Easily with Pillows

Decorative pillows are my favorite form of textiles.  They're easy on the budget, but high on style and impact - especially in small spaces.  

Recently, I was looking to infuse pops of color into a few rooms of my home.  As usual, I went to my favorite source Etsy.  And of course, I found a great selection.  But then I decided to check out Amazon.  All I can say is "whoa!"  I tell you, if they don't sell it on Amazon, then it doesn't exist.  The inventory is quite overwhelming.  Even so, there were a few finds that captured my attention- not only for the aesthetics, but the phenomenal prices.  Here are my favorite picks below:

A Few of My Favorite Pillows on Amazon

LEFT: Two-toned Elephant Striped pillow, 16" x 16   / RIGHT: Trina Turk pillow

Below are the Safavieh Dandelion Pillows, set of 2.  I love this company.  Everything they produce is just stellar.

Okay, so clearly I have this thing with magenta and pink.  But if there is one thing you must know about Mongolian pillows, it is that they are expensive.  Which is why this pink 16 x 16 pillow cover is such a steal.  The the Chloe & Olive Cinco de Mayo Collection doesn't dissapoint either.

Rounding off this selection of great textiles is a collection of gorgeous black and white pillows from Safavieh and CastawayCoveDecor.

Of course there are many more pillows on Amazon to choose from. But I carefully selected ones that were en vogue without being too trendy.  That way, my rooms won't quickly become dated.  

Tell me, which ones are your favorites? | Small Space Interiors and Lifestyle blog | Small Space Chig

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