Unique Strong Statement Art Really is Within Your Reach

Unique Strong Statement Art Really is Within Your Reach

One thing I love about a major room makeover is that it forces to me seek out fresh new sources for styling my small bohemian glam pad.  Interesting artwork is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to freshen up a dull room. 

Years ago, statement-making art was reserved only for those with deep pockets.  Times have certainly changed for the better. Yet even the many avenues available for affordable art seem to be saturated with a lot of the same pieces.  The result is a lot of pretty rooms, featuring the same wall decor over and over again.  Just take a short visit to Instagram and you’ll quickly see what I mean. 

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During week 3 of my One Room Challenge makeover, I featured a print and original painting by artist Natalie O Décor.  Her artistic style is bold, French-bohemian, Josephine Baker-inspired, glamorous, edgy, classy and downright alluring. Yeesh! Can’t you tell that I’m just gah gah over her work?

What I also love about Natalie is that she paints unique pieces for art lovers in every price range, and NONE of her renderings are mass produced.  In fact she’s constantly reinventing her work, adding new dimensions to it in order to keep her offerings fresh.

Natalie O. Creates Something for Everyone

For the High-Rollers

Believe it or not, Natalie came across a number of interested customers who refused purchase her pieces because they were too affordable.  I’d say that’s a pretty nice problem to have! For this group, she has created an exclusive line of original framed paintings ranging from $500- $3000.

The Conservative, Cautious Enthusiast

For those less adventurous with their art collections- and wallets, there is a line of original paintings on canvas, and prints of original paintings. These canvases measure 16in x 20in and always come tastefully framed. Prices are between $200-$425.

High-Style, Modest Budget

One thing that impressed me about Natalie is that she sincerely desires to help people of every budget own at least one piece of original art.  This includes those with more modest budgets.  What’s really cool is that the artwork presented in this price range is no less stellar than the pricier pieces. Bold prints of original paintings start at just $20.  I love that!  

Where Can You Find Natalie O Decor?

Natalie can be found in a number of places. The easiest way to view her work is through her Etsy shop. New listings will be posted December 1st, so stay tuned.

You can also reach her through Instagram where she’ll be featuring mind-blowing seasonal specials. But don’t wait. If you already see that special something, now is the time to jump on it.

And finally, Natalie can be found presenting original paintings for sale at Chicago's Randolph Street Market. There you’ll get a chance to meet this remarkably humble and refreshing creative and buy whatever she has available on the spot.  

Natalie uses the Street Market to showcase and fund her debut solo exhibition. As Natalie says, " I can wait for an investor and apply for grant's, or I can create an opportunity to fund myself.” She chose to create her own opportunity.. “When I invest in my dreams”, Natalie continues, “I don’t have to rely on someone else to make them a reality." Go Natalie!

Yes, unique bold statement art work really is within your reach. Are you thinking it might finally be time to retire a few of those commercial art pieces in your home? You might be right. But don’t throw them away just yet! In this post, I show you a cool way to recycle your left over commercial art.

For now, I’d love to get your thoughts on Natalie O. Decor. Please share them by clicking on “Comment” section below.


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